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Stroll through Zagreb and meet famous Croatian inventors, engineers, basketball players, artists and geniuses on a walking tour

As long as you like (the map is valid for 30 days)
If you do it in one go, around 3 miles / 5 km
Tour starts whenever you like*
* some of the locations close overnight

About the walking tour

Sit and meet tour is a unique walking tour trough Croatian history, telling stories of exceptional men and women influenced our world with their ingenuity.
Meet 13 Croat geniuses, inventors, artists, engineers, warriors and basketball players that left their mark on the world.

Explore all of the sites, and get interesting new angles on the histora of Croatia and its people. Discover the Croatian ingenuity yourself - on a self guided walking tour that starts whenewer you decide.

The Traveler

A guy who discovered the land route to China, and was the first European to live in service of the Mongolian Khan for 17 years. He brought back knowledge of a different culture along with ice cream, noodles, paper, and fireworks.


The Detective

The man who improved fingerprinting techniques and helped police all over the world catch criminals, murderers, and all kinds of bad guys and put them behind bars.


The Innovator

An inventor who perfected the mechanical pen created washing powder and built his own airplane when he needed one.


The Basketball Mozart

A kid from Šibenik who led the basketball team that almost beat the NBA Dream Team at the barcelona Olympics and is the best European basketball player of all time.


Homo Volans

A renaissance man who invented a parachute at the same taime Da Vinci did, along with multiple books on mechanics and technological marvels that made human life easier back then.


The Tamer of Speed

A talented engineer who figured out a way to mesure speed, stops and distance traveled and put it all into a device that precedes the modern age taximeter and tachymeter - it got him a medal at 1889. Exposition Universelle in Paris.


The Universal Mind

A Jesuit priest who supported Coprenicus´ heliocentric system and whose work in mathematics, building static, hydro technics, astronomy, archeology, geodesy, cartography, and meteorology earned him the title of the founder of the Modern Physics.


The Splitter of Earth

The first person ever to figure out the layers of our planet, along with te discontinuity between them called after him - the Moho layer. He also figured out how to build earthquake-resistant buildings.


The Voice

The opera singer whose voice was celebrated by Puccini himself, who even called me her favourite opera singer of all time. There are no recordings of her singing because she destroyed them all.


The Sculptor

A sculptor who was adored by Rodin himself, and whose works can be found in galleries all over the world, as well as across Zagreb and Split.


The Genius

A genius whose works with magnetic fields gave us electricity, satellites, wireless phones, and all kinds of technological miracles. His inventions were stolen by Edison and his name was borrowed by Elon Musk.


The Wizard of Betina Cave

A man often referred to as the Lucifer of Geometry whose work was the grounds for satellite dishes, telescopes that can see other galaxies, and microscopes. A man who met Galileo in the flesh.


The Hero

A general whose 2000 soldiers stopped the entire Ottoman army of 100.000 soldiers and 300 cannons for months he died preventing the Turkish invasion of Europe.


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What people thought of the tour:

“It was amazing, especially the Tesla part of the tour - I never knew he was born here and invented all of this almost secluded from civilisation.”

Mike from Niagara Falls

Did you know

A Croatian engineer invented the wolfram filament light bulb and improved on the original patent?

A mathematician, physicist, optician and astronomer who lived a part of his life in Italy where he corresponded with the great Galileo Galilei?

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About the project

Sit & Meet tours is the first stage of the Path of the Greats project, where tourists, visitors and local alike discover rich Croatian past and all the ideas, inventions and genius originating from our neck of the woods and influencing the world.