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Every day at 10:30
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About the Sit and Meet tour

Sit and meet tour is a unique walking tour through Croatian history, telling the stories of exceptionalmen and women who influenced with their ingenuity. You will meet unique minds whose vision influenced all of humanity, from brave explorers that opened new trading routes across continents, to Leonardo Da Vinci’s competition in inventing parachutes and flying machines. Walking around city centre with our guides, you will see all of the famous sites, and get a glimpse of Croatian ingenuity and courage. This is a tour of the city and the rich history of Croatian achievements and gifts to the world.


Adults (15-99)
301,38 kn / 40 € per person
Youth (7-14)
150,69 kn / 20 € per person
Children (0-6)

1 EUR = 7,53450 kn

Minimum number of people required for this tour is 5.
Groups over 10
Larger groups are eligible for a discount. Please send us an email at with your group details.

On this tour you will hear interesting local stories and legends

  • Cathedral of the Assumption destroyed and rebuilt 3 times
  • St. Mark's Church with a colorfully tiled roof
  • The Lotrščak Tower with a cannon firing at noon
  • The Stone Gate and the saint protector of the city
  • Manduševac - a well that gave Zagreb its name
  • Tkalčićeva street - full of history and interesting stories
  • Ban Josip Jelačić Square - named after a general and a leader
  • Dolac - traditional farmer's market open for 900 years
  • Funicular - the oldest and shortest in the world
  • Upper Town - unchanged for hundreds of years
  • Strossmayer promenade at the edge of the Upper Town
  • Bloody Bridge where people from the two towns fought and loved

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What people thought of the tour:

“It was amazing, especially the Tesla part of the tour - I never knew he was born here and invented all of this almost secluded from civilisation.”

Mike from Niagara Falls

Did you know

A Croatian engineer invented the wolfram filament light bulb and improved on the original patent?

A mathematician, physicist, optician and astronomer who lived a part of his life in Italy where he corresponded with the great Galileo Galilei?

About the project

Sit & Meet tours is the first stage of the Path of the Greats project, where tourists, visitors and local alike discover rich Croatian past and all the ideas, inventions and genius originating from our neck of the woods and influencing the world.